BBNaija Pepper dem housemate, Ike has disclosed what he'd do if after he leaves and any male housemates other than himself attempts to engage mercy intimately.

IKE Finally Speaks On Having Sex With Mercy, Promises To Destroy Any Male Housemate That Courts Her After He Leaves | #BBNaija
Seems Ike knows he may leave before his heartthrob and is already stating the obvious based on gang star levels.

In one of his old conversation with Mercy and Esther, Ike made his revelations thus;

“If I get evicted and any guy comes close to Mercy, I will run the guy down outside the house. There are no rules outside the house, if you do anything, when you come out, I’ll face you,” Ike said.

However, last night a horny Ike told mercy;

“I want you so bad. I love you so much more than anyone I ever loved.

“And you know I won’t force you. I want to f*ck you so bad. This d*ck is so big. Eja nla!”
Now the Big Question is, "Is Ike In Love With MERCY or In Lust?"

In the early hours of today, Davido did not only imply that Chioma was his main chic all this while but also disclosed how he lost his penis virginity after his hand man, special spesh hooked him up with a hooker.

Celebrating the subtle adding of a new year to his life, Singer Davido took to social media to disclose a lot about his hypeman, Special Spesh, whom he claimed hooked him up with his 1st sex date ever.

Loosing His Virginity., Davido Reveals How Special Spesh Hooked Him Up With The First P*ssy He F*cked.

In his narrative, Davido further revealed how special spesh believed in his destiny of becoming a big African sensation.

Read his write up below;

He wrote:

“I’m on the plane right now just thinkin of how this whole movement started. I was 13 that year and one day I was like ‘Special please take me to DBANJ’s (Mohits mansion Maryland). You took me there and told them that your little cousin David would become one of the biggest names in African music! Through you I met Wande, Prince, Kayswitch

I remember when you’d leave B red, Shina and I in your room and follow Wande for shows and come back with plenty bar and say no worry our time go come we go run am well! Too many memories man … !
Now the bumper, Davido added;

Remember when my Dad’s driver didn’t want to take me to Silverbird that year and you told him ‘David go grow, blow now all of u go hear wehn ’. Bottom line, if not for you brother I’d probably not be in this position! I love you man!! BALL ON DEM CUS IF NAH US DEM GO BALL ON US!!! Happy birthday @specialspesh ! TODAY NAH DIE also u gave my first t*t*”

Mehek August 2019 Teasers/Updates: We are almost half way into August, sorry for the late updates, If you are looking for Mehek August 2019 Teasers or Mehek August 2019 updates, you can read it below.
Mehek August 2019 Teasers/Updates - MUST READ!!

Highlights - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

  • Shaurya and Mehek fake a divorce to deceive Ajay and their plan works
  • Shaurya and Mehek face another difficulty as their plan flops when AJ finds out about their plot
  • Mehek and Shaurya recover the property
  • Mehek gets kidnapped...
Want full August updates for Mehek? Read Mehek August 2019 Teasers below;

Mehek August 2019 Teasers/Updates

Wednesday 14 August 2019
Episode 1 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Shaurya has still not gotten over losing Mehek. Karuna tries her best to comfort and help Shaurya move on. Norah is excited that Karan will be returning from rehab centre in a few days.

Thursday 15 August 2019
Episode 2 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

A harsh truth is being kept from Vandana about her true identity. Sanjana is released from jail on bail and the Gabela family is unaware of this.

Friday 16 August 2019
Episode 3 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Aunt Kanta can’t come to terms with the fact that Shaurya is getting remarried as she still blames him for the loss of Mehek. Sanjana manages to make her way back into the Gabela family home to try and make amends for all the wrongs she has done to them.

Saturday 17 August 2019
Episode 4 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Shaurya obsesses over the memory of Mehek. Archie persists on her quest to win Shaurya's love. Leleti manages to get a glimpse of the new helper's face and realises its Sanjana that has come to care for her.

Sunday 18 August 2019
Episode 5 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Archie realises the impeccable resemblance between Vandana and Mehek. It’s Diwali celebrations and Mala's secret is almost out.

Monday 19 August 2019
Episode 6 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

The Sharma's are oblivious to Archie's devious ways. Shaurya believes that he saw Mehek. Sanjana has special oils made to help cure Leleti's paralysis.

Tuesday 20 August 2019
Episode 7 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Will Vandana regain her memory again. Karuna prepares for Shaurya's wedding day. As Leleti shows the first signs of recovery she exposes Mala's real identity.

Wednesday 21 August 2019
Episode 8 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Shaurya and everyone is certain that Mehek is still alive. The Gabela family is torn between wanting Leleti to recover and Sanjana's return to the house.

Thursday 22 August 2019
Episode 9 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Archie stops at nothing to hide the truth about Vandana's true identity. Sanjana is back in the Gabela home and Eddie wants her to be treated as family by all.

Friday 23 August 2019
Episode 10 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Aunt Kanta and Shaurya work hand in hand to prove that Vandana is really Mehek. Sanjana is back to her old evil ways trying to come between Dennis and Priya. Sanjana's being in the Gabela home is creating a rift between all family members.

Saturday 24 August 2019
Episode 11 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Vandana begins to see flashback of a past life. Shaurya tries his best to show Vandana that she truly is Mehek.

Sunday 25 August 2019
Episode 12 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Sunday 25 August 2019 Episode 12 - Mehek August 2019 Teasers

Mandaar keeps working with Archie to hide Vandana's true identity. Aunt Kanta sees Mandaar's strange behaviour.

Monday 26 August 2019
Episode 13 - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Monday 26 August 2019 Episode 13 - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Archie is upset as her plans keep getting messed up. Vicky helps Shaurya as they try to prove Mandaar's sinister ways.

Tuesday 27 August 2019
Episode 14 - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Tuesday 27 August 2019 Episode 14 - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Shaurya feels forced to protect Mehek at all costs. Vandana is still not aware of her true identity.

Wednesday 28 August 2019
Episode 15  - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Wednesday 28 August 2019 Episode 15  - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Mandaar uses Neeve to get Shaurya to bring Vandana back to him. The Sharma's and the Khanna's are adamant that Mehek is alive.

Thursday 29 August 2019
Episode 16  - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Thursday 29 August 2019 Episode 16  - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Archie begins to manipulate Mandaar's mom to get her objective across. Shaurya cuts all ties with Archie. Eddie has to make a difficult decision to save his wife's life.

Friday 30 August 2019
Episode 17  - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Friday 30 August 2019 Episode 17  - Mehek August 2019 Updates

The Gabela online business is back in operation and Sanjana confesses to her obsession with Karan. Vandana starts her first day at White Chillies Restaurant. Archie isn't taking her break up with Shaurya well.

Saturday 31 August 2019
Episode 18  - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Saturday 31 August 2019 Episode 18  - Mehek August 2019 Updates

Norah falls for Sanjana's tricks once again. Vandana begins to have vivid flashbacks about her past as Mehek.

Eniola Adenuga, the son of a Nigerian business magnate, Michael Adenuga, has been taking strides after his father’s entrepreneurial achievements.

Five Things You Never Knew About Mike Adenuga’s Son, Eniola Adenuga
Mike Adenuga is the chairman of Nigerian telecoms giant Globacom. He also owns stakes in the Sterling Bank and the oil exploration firm, Conoil Producing Limited and Julius Berger.

His son, Eniola, has since begun to serve in different capacities with successes.

Here are five things you do not know about Eniola Adenuga.

Despite being born in the United Kingdom, the billionaire son had his secondary school in Lagos, Nigeria. Eniola had his secondary school education at Dowen College in Lagos but got his graduate degree at North Eastern University, Boston, Massachusetts in Business Management.

At 21 years old, Eniola was already an Executive Director of Conoil Producing Limited, an Upstream Exploration & Production Company.

In 2019, he led a breakthrough for Globacom by working on a Green Initiative to reduce carbon monoxide emission from its cell site by connecting the cell sites to stable Grid power with a backup battery solution.

Eniola is one of the key people that work on Globacom’s negotiations and transactions with key network equipment providers such as Huawei, Nokia and ZTE.

For ConOil Producing Limited, Eniola has successfully negotiated Rigs and other drilling services with various local and international contractors for various oil blocks.

Controversial Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo at her 55yrs of Age is still Queening and taking social media by surprise. The Eccentric Mother of 3 who is 55 today says she feels like the young american party lovers in the 50's and she cant help but thank God for everything.

Kemi Olunloyo At 55: "I Feel Like Those Young American Party Ladies In The 50's" - Kemi Olunloyo Says As She Attends Her 55TH Birthday Dinner.

Today apparently seems to be the most lit and gracious day in Kemi's life as her fans continously celebrates her , along with a few Nigerian celebrities.

Watch Video Below;


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