• Julian Osula denies Involvement In Helicopter Incident at Ore.
  • The Luxury Entrepreneur claims he had no involvement whatsoever in whatever that played out in the Helicopter Incident.
  • Julian Osula distanced himself from an alleged helicopter landing at ore in a discussion with a Nigerian blogger

Trending News Of Luxury Entrepreneur., Julian Osula's involvement in the "Helicopter Landing Incident" at Ore along Benin - Lagos Expressway has forced him to speak up.

Mr. Julian Osula.MD/CEO, Julian's Luxury.

The Luxury Businessman and CEO of Julian's Luxury, Mr. Julian Osula disclosed his resentment against what he termed "IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR" amongst Nigerian Bloggers and Online Presenters in Nigeria who go to press without any iota of proper investigation whatsoever on stories with no single truth in them.

This is coming on the heels of stories going around on Social Media that he (Julian Osula) was the man involved with the incident of someone who had a helicopter come pick him or her up at the Ore area of the Lagos-Benin Expressway during heavy traffic that engulfed the area yesterday.

According to him when the Publisher of "Precious Eze's Blog" contacted him to be sure the story was true, he said,

"There is no single truth in that story and I don't know why these people would do this".

"All I did was upload the video when I saw it like every other person did and being a Luxury Entrepreneur, I captioned my upload thus, "REAL LUXURY LIFESTYLE.....THE POWER OF MONEY.....PICKING UP A VIP WHO IS STUCK IN TRAFFIC ON THE LAGOS BENIN EXPRESSWAY". These purveyors of fake news concluded on their own that I must have been the one who either got picked up or sent the chopper to pick someone and without reaching out to me to ascertain the veracity of their assumption, went to press with such story". I mean, when you called me now, I picked and attended to you, meaning that I am reachable and I wonder why these your colleagues didn't at least, try to reach me before publishing the kind of falsehood going round against my person.

I plead therefore, Mr. Osula continued, for the general public to disregard the fake stories going round the Social Media, that I, Julian Osula of www.juliansluxury.com had anything to do with the incident in question and would like to encourage Bloggers and Online Publishers to verify stories always before publishing them.

"Precious Eze's Blog" had reported that a certain Nigerian Billionaire yesterday, had a helicopter come pick him up when he was stucked in traffic the Lagos-Benin Expressway and the story has since gone viral.

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T Classic - Nobody Fine Pass You Mp3 Download: Are you yet to Download Nobody Fine Pass You by T Classic? Download It Now.

T Classic - Nobody Fine Pass You Mp3 Download

Download T Classic - Nobody Fine Pass You Mp3

Notable Lyrics For T Classic - Nobody Fine Pass You Mp3 Download

Mix Naija entertainment
Classical boy
You are feeling fly
Cause I no get kpa
You dey follow sugar daddies
No dey do jati jati eh eh eh
I dey wonder why
Baby do me like this o
You can do me like that o
Be loyal, be humble (popo ne)
No money na trouble
Oh baby no fumble
I love you, she no do
Na money dey open
I'm feeling your hustle
With everything you do
At the end of the day
You know I love you
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
Oh baby no dey cackle
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you

I no want no trouble
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
I no like trouble
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you

Baby me I know say nobody perfect o (Perfect o) 
See every other day, you dey play me like cassette o (cassette o)
Say make I no lie, say make I no lie, you dey do me strong thing o
Gat me high like Pami o
Shawty you too sweet, girl I go need agbo jedi o
Call me when you're ready o
Shogbon mi, gbon mi 
You too fine but you get bad character
Any man wey enter must to get debit wahala
Be loyal, be humble (popo ne)
No money na trouble
Oh baby no fumble
I love you, she no do
Na money dey open
I'm feeling your hustle
With everything you do 
At the end of the day
You know I love you
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
Oh baby no dey cackle
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
I no want no trouble
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
I no like trouble
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you
Nobody fine pass you 
Be loyal, be humble (popo ne)
No money na trouble
Oh baby no fumble (Fi le kp0)
I love you, she no do
Na money dey open
I'm feeling your hustle
With everything you do
At the end of the day
At the end of the day you know I love you
Spyrit mix

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: tolulope ajayi

  • Meet Puppy Pound - A Nigerian teenage boy brand with great dreams.
  • Following the Paths of successful Teen bands like Jackson 5, Puppy Pound Is Nigeria's first teen band to make waves online.
Exclusive: Meet Puppy Pound: Nigerian Teenage Boy Band With Big Dreams.
The tremendous achievement of teen pop bands like ‘Jackson 5’ and ‘One Direction’ on the International scene, leads us to imagine the possibility of a similar success story in the fast-evolving Nigerian music industry; such that a band of teenage artists would develop to record chart-topping songs, put out great videos, perform at profiting events, attain a level of popularity that allows them to command tons of fan love with hopes to qualify as pop stars.

It was this thought that inspired my interest in “Puppy Pound” – a group of three teenage artistes; who, interestingly, are all of the same age - 14.  Their names are Oluwatodunni Obafemi, Jude Ore, and Akolade Adegboyega; but as artistes, they are called Bichon, Shepherd and Rott respectively. They make Afro-fusion music which combines elements of soul, pop and rap music. 

The group was put together by Play Palms Entertainment - an entertainment and management company based in Lagos, Nigeria and the members of the group were selected based on merit off an audition for young music talents organized in 2016. Two of their records were released in 2018 to a welcome reception from a wide range of Nigerian music lovers that cut across both the young, old and the experienced.

From listening to their debut single – “Body” – you get the impression that their aim is to entertain and encourage their listener. Mostly, the song is dance-stimulating but it is also the type of song that can fit into a playlist of inspiring music. Rott explains and confirms that they make music “not just for commercial purposes, but also to make an impact.” Shepherd responded to my question on the possible breakup of the group in the future by saying, “that’s not going to happen because we share a common vision and with the ideas we share and the kind of conversations we have, we help each other stay true to that vision.”

The follow-up track of the group, “Olayinka”, came in July 2018, accompanied with a video that has recorded over 50,000 YouTube views – an improvement on the number of views on their first video. Rott talked about the effect of being part of a growing music group, speaking of the increasing number of his Instagram followers; while for Bichon, it's the calls he gets from friends and random people who introduce themselves as “fans” that has been his new experience since going pro with music. 

Their third single which has turned out to be the biggest release for the group so far is titled “Lookrie”. Lookrie was released in December 2018, and had its video shot and directed by a fast rising video directed TG Omori. The music gained popularity in a short time and amassed over 300,000 views on YouTube. 

For the trio, their eyes are still on the prize. With the quality of songs they plan to release as the year unfolds, they are confident about their dreams of becoming global music stars and have acknowledged the demands of chasing “the music dream”; as well as their other interests in the field of Engineering (as in the case of Rott), Astronomy (Bichon) and Medicine (for Shepherd). 

One thing is certain: this trio is not short of ambition and with the structure provided for them by their Record label, they seem prepared for the life of music and stardom. When asked if they think they would go on to be as famous as Jackson 5 or One Direction, unanimously they responded, “time will tell.” - Written by Oluwatobi Ibironke.

Nightwatchng.com has obtained a video of a young couple traditionally getting married amid family, friends, and well-wishers in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

It is stated in the reported that the groom who is 14yrs of age had carnal knowledge of his 15yrs old girlfriend which resulted in pregnancy.

Unwanted pregnancy is considered a taboo in the Eastern part of the Marriage, hence the Traditional Marriage alliance had to take place in their home town.

The Exclusive video disclosed vivid traditional scenes of The young lady serving palm wine in a wooden cup to her 14yrs old husband, a ritual that signifies Marriage in the state.

On asking the bride if she was under any pressure to get Married;

"No, I wasn't under any pressure, I love him and he loves me too"

How did her parents receive the news of her pregnancy;

"I was scared at first, but I had to open up when My Mother started noticing signs, I had to tell her the truth"
The young groom who seemed to be reluctant, when asked if he was under any pressure to get Married.

"No, I was under no pressure"
Watch Video Below...

The Video ended with family and friends wishing him "Happy Married Life" and "farewell", Marriage alliance under 18 are considered Illegal, we are yet to ascertain if legal actions will be taken by the government to dissolve the alliance.

Simi has unveiled her self owned Record Label called, "Studio Brat" and like the name implies it takes one who comfortably aligns with the record name can sign in as an artist.

"Studio Brat" as a Label name with an Orange rabbit as an Icon on the Logo has reportedly left many Nigerians wondering why such a shabby yet rugged title. Simi is yet to Address the Issue.

Simi's Record Label; "Studio Brat" apparently kicked off, after finishing her 2 record deal with "X3M Music" in April, she made an announcement about recent developments on Instagram followed by a press release.

Mrs. Simisola Adekunle Gold made it clear, that in her music career all she has ever wanted for self was to live her dreams and "Studio Brat" is one of such drives turning to be a reality"

It's wonderful how a mere dream transforms elegantly into a realistic business venture.

On how "Studio Brat" started on the first day, Simi softly said;

We started with true laughs, constructive criticism, silly jokes and personal moments. We’re gonna keep it that
And when subsequently asked; "What are we to expect from STUDIO BRAT"

She said;

"There is a lot to come, I hope that you stand with me, fight with me, love with me and grow with me. My team and I have continuously put our hearts into it."

Gracefully, Simi Included a Micheal Jackson quote to disclose her intent to get more and give out more as she sets Studio Brat running around the globe.

Like Michael Jackson said, “Don’t stop till you get enough…”
Finally Simi has just one thing else to add and that is;

 " We never want to let you down. Proof: I’m using a Michael Jackson quote. So, with a heart full of excitement, I introduce Studio Brat to you. It’s Ours. Let’s do what we do!

Download: Nicki Minaj - MEGATRONE [Mp3 X Video]: Have you by any chance come across Nicki Minaj's Brand New Single; "Megatrone".

If No! It's Out for Download Now.

Nicki Unveiled Megatrone after a series of teasers broke the Internet days before its official release and so far it has garnered over 6.6 million views in the few hours of its release.
Megatrone is apparently Nicki Minaj's first single for the year 2019, and as always she delivered a hit.

A sassy dressed Nicki Minaj and her Man dished out Summer Vibes all in one video and songs which many believe was responsible for their spontaneous eargasms.

Download Nicki Minaj Megatron Mp3 below.


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