Controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye who is also known as Bobrisky has revealed that he can go to the extent of killing for Tonto Dikeh his alleged Lover.


According to him, he loves the Nigerian actress and then went ahead to use so many endearing words for her.

Bobrisky in recent times has not hidden his feelings for the actress as he constantly takes to social media to express his love.

He has now gone ahead to share their picture together and wrote:

“My addiction, I’m missing you. She is my everything, my joy, my heartbeat. My whole life, my soul, my twin. Tonto, I can kill for you.”

Patoranking Drops Wilmer Album: One of Nigeria’s finest reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter, Patoranking has just released his much-anticipated album tagged “Wilmer.”

Nightwatchng reports the album, dedicated to his daughter, Wilmer was released by Amari Musiq/EMPIRE on Friday, May 24, 2019.

Download Full Album: Wilmer - Patoranking 

The 12-track album features other industry heavyweights and artists including Davido, as well as international artists such as Nyashinski, Donae’O, Busiswa and others.

Wilmer also boasts the production skills of DJ Coublon, Mr Kamera, Mix Master Garzy, Sarz and other talented record producers.

Download the full album HERE.

Watch Wilmer - Patoranking Official Video

CEO Of Made Men Music (MMG)., Ubi Franklin has denied Affiliations with and respond to claims of one Miss Sandra Iheuwa claiming to be pregnant for him and set to deliver his 4th Child.
Ubi Franklin

The businesswoman who happens to be a single mum of two claimed 33-year-old Ubi has been in a secret relationship with her for a while.

According to Sandra, she was actually expecting a set of twins for him. She, however, lost one of them in early March.

She went on to reveal that she had been living in Ubi’s house and will be jetting out of the country anytime from now to the US where she is expected to welcome their child.

Ubi Franklin already has a girl Zaneta from a US-based woman. His son Jayden from his ex-wife and actress, Lilian Esoro.

 His third is from his former worker, a South African lady named Nicola Siyo.

If the story by Sandra is true, then it will mean the music executive is expecting his fourth, a thing he denied when a call was put through to him.

The news of his third baby mama Nicola Siyo broke a few weeks ago with Ubi not denying ever knowing her. Report says she has out to bed but the sex of the child is yet to be revealed.

According to claims from a US Based Nigerian Lady, Sandra Iheuwa says Ubi Franklin will be expecting his fourth child with her and this news has aroused massive uproar from Social Media.
Ubi Franklin and Sandra Iheuwa

Sandra who is a US-based Nigerian serial entrepreneur (according to her Instagram profile) and a single mum of two claimed she was actually expecting a set of twins for him but she lost one of them early March.

She went on to say that she has been living in Ubi's house and will be leaving the country anytime from now to the US to welcome their child. Sandra claimed they have been in a secret relationship for a while.

If these claims are true, this will be the Triplemg boss' fourth child from the fourth woman. He has a girl, Zaneta from a US-based woman. His second, Jayden is from his ex-wife and actress, Lilian Esoro.

 His third is from his former worker, a South African lady named Nicola Siyo and now another child with Sandra.

Read this Interesting short story; "What Tinder Has Joined Together" by MI Thomas, You will certainly Love it.

About MI Thomas, Author Of  "What Tinder Has Joined Together (Short Story)

“MI THOMAS graduated from the University of Maiduguri and had brief stints as a show host with Globe FM 98.5 then a co-host of a musical show on BRC2 94.6.

 He is the founding editor of Sambisa Reports and a contributor at TrendingAfrique. 

His credits include two works of non-fiction- Milestones (memoir); Maiduguri: the untold stories. 

He has also written over 500 love poems, dozens of scripts for screen and theatre and is copyright owner to several photographs.”

“He lives in Lagos with his friends, Allen Amadi and Prince Aboh.

What Tinder Has Joined Together (Short Story) by MI Thomas

You see this Lagos, my brother. People are too serious. Everyone, from taxi drivers, shop owners, ticket vendors at the cinema to girls on dating apps. You cannot play a small play with them.
  One Saturday evening, some weeks ago, bored to death and tired of playing a video game, my guys and I decided to find something fun to do. Benedict suggested we do some prank. Wallahi tallahi it wasn’t my idea. In hindsight, it was a forgettable experience.
  So we all downloaded Tinder and started chatting girls we all knew were call girls. We would negotiate a price usually double, in some cases triple, what they asked and arranged to meet them. For some, we kept them waiting at a particular joint, for some we gave a wrong address just across the road from where we stood at the balcony watching them come and go while cracking away. For two weeks, we had our fun and laughed each day with tears in our eyes. Finally, Bennie’s village people from Ugheli got tired and stepped in.
  It happened on a Tuesday, Bennie and I had gone to GTB in Phase 1 to make a quick deposit for his sister’s upkeep in school. The queue was long and because our cup was full, it remained so for long. You see, if the devil wants to punish you, e go happen ni. You no fit escape am.
  While waiting on the queue, Bennie’s phone rang and he stepped aside to answer. The call dropped almost immediately he picked. It rang, again and again, dropped as he picked it. He shrugged and came back into his space. Then a hand tapped him from behind, and he turned to see a smiling lady waving her phone at him.
It had happened that Bennie and this girl had an episode on Tinder. But unlike me and Felix, he had shared his real phone number and of course, his profile had his real picture. What! I had to take a look at her very well. She was chubby with sloppy cheeks, short fleshy neck and deep sunken eyes that bore testament to cheap drugs drug-addicted life. Her lips’ cracks are visible even underneath all the oil she baths It in. Her hairy bowlegs and heavily bleached skin made me wonder whether she had a costume on or that was her skin for real. Bennie this one na bush meat na, you sef!
I couldn’t believe my guy could be that stupid. Mercifully the girl was calm about it and didn’t create a scene but when he attempted to get away using the bathroom as a route, she nearly flared up.
“If you like shit join with the piss, na me and you dey here. You dey carry ashawo joke, I go disgrace you for here today, “she threatened to tighten her grip on him.
My guy’s eyes red and his faced tightened like someone constipated for weeks. “I be Benin girl you no go carry me play like this. I be ashawo, I no get shame.”
For a moment I looked at them and felt they actually look good together and laughed. Then I nailed her down to specific. What da hell does she want?
 “Make this boy settle me the 20k him arrange that night o, “she said. Oh hell no, that’s ridiculous I said. Ain’t nobody paying her 20k for mere pranks. I dared her to go ahead and do her worse. Bennie almost peed on himself on hearing that. He turned to me with trembling lips.
 “Guy, you dey craze? Them go put me for instablog ni. Abeg make we just settle am dey go, “he said with resigned fate. Difficult decision. Either stomach all the embarrassment and get home with 20k intact and risk an image that might haunt us in 20yrs to come or….
 “Una dey waste my time o,” she impatiently told us stamping her foot on the gentle clean floor of the banking hall.
  In the end, we gave her 10k, after much begging, when it became clear she was going to keep to her word. Bennie spent the rest of that day in sober mood mourning his departed 10k. Before night, he had taken some fever drugs. Laugh nearly killed me that day. What Tinder join together I no see wetin go put asunder. My brother this Lagos eh…. people no dey joke o.
Article culled from Deedeesblog

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