BBNaija Star, Tacha Set To Become Africa's Biggest Social Media Influencer As She Wishes Jack Patrick Dorsey, CEO Of Twitter A Happy Birthday.

BBNaija Star, Tacha Set To Become Africa's Biggest Social Media Influencer As She Wishes Jack Patrick Dorsey, CEO Of Twitter A Happy Birthday.

Big Brother Naija Reality Star, Tacha is officially blown as she shares subtle video of herself wishing the CEO Of Twitter, Jack Patrick Dorsey a Happy Birthday.

According to reports from am insider, the video call lasted for while as they were busy enjoying each other's company and discussing plans to make twitter the most used and best app of the year..

Tacha further revealed her chronic Obsession for the twitter app along with a sublime birthday wish to the founder of the most popular micro blogging site..

This will Elevate Tacha's online presence and power on the microblogging site to a whole new level as she is the first Big brother Naija Reality Star to get a follow from Jack and also the first to video call him and wish him a birthday.

Tacha is no doubt the most powerful online influencer and ruler of Nigeria Cyber space, with the help of her volcanic military forces known as the TITANS, Tacha is set to become the Africa's greatest social media influencer of all time.

KINDRED HEARTS November 2019 Teasers 

On Kindred Hearts November 2019 Teaser, Jia continuously struggles with her feelings for Arjun despite living in the same house with him.

Read Kindred Hearts November 2019 Teaser below;

KINDRED HEARTS November 2019 Teasers - Must Read.

Friday 1 November  2019 - Episode 71

Rano finally reveals her true colours in front of the entire family. Ambika realises how she blindly trusted Rano.

Saturday 2 November 2019 - Episode 72

The Khanna’s are at their happiest as Ambika has accepted both of her son’s unions. Rano is holding something up against Ambika and everyone is confused.

Sunday 3 November 2019 - Episode 73

Arjun, Jia, and Akash are so close to finding out the secret between Ambika and Rano. Ambika refuses to tell her sons what is truly happening with her.

Monday 4 November 2019 - Episode 74

Arjun is disgusted by the way Rano treats his mother. Rano has forced Jia to marry Akash in order to save Ambika’s life.

Tuesday 5 November 2019 - Episode 75

Arjun cries at the sight of his mother in her marital clothes. Rano is aware of Arjun and Akash’s father whereabouts. Ambika reveals the truth to Arjun… how will he take the news?

Wednesday 6 November 2019
Episode 76

Rano blames the Sinha family for the loss of her father. Ambika fights back for her love and her family.

Thursday 7 November 2019
Episode 77

Worst nightmares are relived as Rano puts the Sinha family through turmoil. Arjun and Akash’s father is still being held captive by Rano.

Friday 8 November 2019
Episode 78

Ambika is fed up with the way Rano has treated her and her family. Beeni is in trouble as Rano has her tied up.

Saturday 9 November 2019
Episode 79

Rano has lost a grip with sanity as she allows her obsession for revenge to take over her being. Akash has been pushed too far.

Sunday 10 November 2019
Episode 80

Jia fulfills her promise to Ambika as Mr. Sinha is saved from Rano’s grasp. Beeni’s horoscope reading poses a threat to her and her loved ones.

Monday 11 November 2019
Episode 81

Nisha manages to get herself out of prison. Jia thinks that something bad will happen to her and Arjun as their photograph goes up in flames.

Tuesday 12 November 2019
Episode 82

Ambika goes abroad to take care of her husband’s health. Nisha sets out to kill Jia and Arjun. Arjun has gone missing and nobody is the wiser.

Wednesday 13 November 2019
Episode 83

Jia blindly believes that Nisha risked her life to save her. Nisha is working hand-in-hand with Inspector Krishna.

Thursday 14 November 2019
Episode 84

Arjun has passed on and the family can’t handle the loss or facing Jia to tell her the truth. Akash has to perform Arjun’s last rights… will they succeed in doing all of this without Jia’s knowledge?

Friday 15 November 2019
Episode 85

Akash and the rest of the family stop Jia from putting missing posters of Arjun. While Inspector Krishna keeps an eye on everyone under Nisha’s orders.

Saturday 16 November 2019
Episode 86

Jia has figured out that everyone is lying to her. Nisha drives a wedge between Beeni and everyone else in order to get back into her good graces. Nisha is being haunted by Arjun’s death.

Sunday 17 November 2019
Episode 87

It is becoming more and more difficult to fool Jia about Arjun’s true condition. Nisha believes that someone knows her secret. Krishna is finding difficulty in playing the role of Arjun in Jia’s life.

Monday 18 November 2019
Episode 88

There is constant bickering between Beeni and Akash. Jia begins to question her own character because of all the lies everyone has been telling her.

Tuesday 19 November 2019
Episode 89

Nisha is under the impression that Akash is playing games with her because of Arjun’s death. Beeni opens up to Nisha about Akash falling into her trap. Krishna has begun to feel guilty about pretending to be Arjun.

Wednesday 20 November 2019
Episode 90

Krishna begins to question whether the feelings he has toward Jia are feelings of love or empathy. Beeni continues to pull away from Akash. Jia blames herself for the way that Arjun has been behaving towards her.

Thursday 21 November 2019
Episode 91

Jia believes that she is a threat to Arjun’s life. Nisha continues on her quest to ruin Beeni and Akash’s relationship for good. Krishna saves Jia’s life in time.

Friday 22 November 2019
Episode 92

In a fit of rage, Beeni reveals the truth about Arjun to Jia. Jia breaks down as she can’t handle the loss of Arjun. Akash is aware that Nisha is behind Arjun’s death.

Saturday 23 November 2019
Episode 93

Nisha thinks she has fooled  Jian into taking the blame for Arjun’s murder. Beeni has lost all trust in everyone and instead fallen right into her mother’s trap.

Sunday 24 November 2019
Episode 94
Season Finale!

Krishna is madly in love with Jia. Will Arjun’s death be avenged and will Nisha finally pay for her sins?

Next day, kindred hearts is replaced by Amma Zee World Series, Click to read

Instagram Deletes Tacha's Account Hours After She Bagged A Major Endorsement Deal.

Hours After Big brother naija reality star, Tacha bagged a Major endorsement deal with fitness brand: GetFitng, misfortune seems to be the order of the day as Instagram has just deleted her Instagram Account from their server.

According to Exclusive reports, this move was taken prior to lots of reports about contraband activities that goes on in her account from social media users, Instagram insist these activities goes against their community policies...

It is quiet sad, her account with a following of over 910,000 followers shortly after she left the BBNaija house was deleted, Tacha was apparently the BBNaija 2019 housemate with the largest fan base..

Many are wishing her Goodluck as she is set to start afresh a new page.

How Just Staring At Boobs Can Make You Live Long - Scientific Study Reveals.

A study done by a German scientist, Karen Weatherby, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has revealed that staring at women’s breasts is healthy and also elongates the life span of men.

The study, which was carried out over a period of five years, involved 500 men, half of whom were instructed to stare at women’s breasts in a lustful manner for no less than 10 minutes every day.

The other half were instructed to abstain from doing such.

It concluded that men who stared at breasts, more often, showed lower rates of heart problems, slower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure, all of which enable a healthy living and long life.

The study said men should stare at breasts for 10 minutes a day to improve the wellness of their hearts and live longer.

“Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female every day is roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out,” the study revealed.

When the two groups of men were tested, men that stared at breasts daily had lower blood pressure, slower resting pulse rates, as well as fewer instances of coronary artery disease.

“Sexual excitement gets the heart pumping and improves blood circulation. Gazing at breasts makes men healthier and engaging in this activity a few minutes daily cuts the risk of stroke and heart attack by half.

“We believe that by doing so consistently, the average man can extend his life for four to five years,’’ he added.


Nigerian Lady Celebrates After Zlatan Ibile Blocks Her On Twitter For Dragging Him.

So many Wierd things happen on the streets of twitter, this hilarious tweet from a Nigerian lady after Singer Zlatan Ibile blocked her on twitter is one of them.

The young in some of her previous tweet continuously dragged the singer for his attempt to b bully BBNaija Reality Star, Tacha.

Read her humorous tweet below;

"I Can Go To Jail For Chioma" - Davido Says, Further Discloses How He Spent N17 Million Shopping For Chioma.

One would say Davido is a Mugu Money spender, whereas it is the total opposite, money spent on your love and cherished one is never a waste, says a twitter motivational speaker one certain time.
It seems to be true, has Chioma just put to bed, a bouncing baby boy for the African Super star.

Barely After he Arrested a lady for claiming he Impregnated her, Davido went to say he is ready to stay behind bars for his Sweet heart, Chioma Avril Adeleke.

Watch The Video Below;

Mompha's Arrest: Hushpuppi Rise To Mompha's Defence, Drags Nigerians Mocking Him.

Mompha's Arrest: Hushpuppi Rise To Mompha's Defence, Drags Nigerians Mocking Him.

Instagram big boy, Hushpuppi seems to be fed up with the way Nigerians are dragging his fellow money spender, Mompha shortly after he was arrested.

Hushpuppi in his bid to defend Mompha reminded Nigerians of how most of them lined up begging Mompha for money and other materialistic favours.

He further reminded Nigerians that he who must come to equity must come with clean hands when they all lashed out on Mompha, further adding "Nobody Holy" to solidify his point.

The Instagram big boy's Instagram post, came off as a surprise to many because many believe he is not in talking terms with Mompha.
Read his Write Up Below;

In life, we all at a point will go through trial times, don’t be quick to mock anyone or use anyone’s trial time as tool to chase clout, yours will come and you might not survive it. We all look up to God to guide and get us through these times. 
I wish and pray for everyone in every part of the world going through a dark time to come out of it and become better people and God be with their families. 
#GodHealsAllWounds #WishEveryoneGoodAtAllTimes #NoOneIsHoly #Hermes #Balenciaga #Hublot #RollsRoyce #Dubai

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