Saturday, July 27, 2019

See The Stunning Reason Why Davido Wasn't Featured On Beyonce's “The Lion King”Album.

Till date, many are yet to fathom why Davido was not featured on Beyonce's “The Lion King” Album.


Well, A twitter user has come up with an interesting reason why Davido wasn't featured on "The Lion King" Album, basically stating; "Davido is a Loud Talker and cant keep secrets".

Beyonce apparently had an agreement of "Non - Disclosure" with Artiste featured on The Album.

One will ask what’s NDA “Non-disclosure agreement”?

When working on a project, some Brands/Companies or Individuals do not want anyone involved in that project to disclose anything about it to third parties or share the info on Social media.

Most brand will ask you to sign this Agreement, so they can be rest assured you won’t let anyone knows about the Project. You will be sued if you go against this.

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