Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Bryan Okwara Narrates Bizarre Experience After 3 Days Of Heavy Downpour In Lagos.

Nigerian Actor/Model, Bryan Okwara  on Wednesday, took to his Instagram story to narrate how a flood as a result of a 3 days heavy downpour swept into his Apartment in Lagos.

Bryan Okwara Narrates Bizarre Experience After 3 Days Of Heavy Downpour In Lagos.

While narrating the hilarious story, the onetime Mr. Nigeria, stylishly called his colleague and friend, Mofe Duncan ‘fat’. Continue to read his story…

"Has your street or house ever been flooded?
My story: once upon a time, back when I was a youngin. The rain fell for 3 days straight none stop and the main road just before our street that had shops and kiosks got flooded with water.

With an attempt to better their situation, one of the shop owners now thought it was smart to break the walls of our street gutter so that the water could flow into our street as a channel to reduce the flood on their end and not knowing he just f#$&ed up big time.

That same current of water did not only flood our street but flooded our houses as well. The idiot!!!.

Anyway my mother was still alive then (may her perfect soul rest in peace) she saw the flood come in and asked us to move everything off the floor as there was nothing we could do to prevent it at that point so we raised all our appliances and put them on the tables and chairs beds etc.

After a few hours the rain stopped and she got her bag entered the car and asked us to call her when we are done cleaning the place  my mother was the real MVP. And she had a smile on her face as she drove off.

Anyway we started cleaning up and our friends would come visiting and we would have to roll up our trousers go outside, carry them on our backs to bring them into the house ( thank God Mofe wasn’t around at that time if not I would have died instantly trying to carry that bascard!!!😂) anyway this has been my true life story with Lagos potholes and flood... what's yours??"

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