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UN SDGs Optimist., Dr. Hephzibah Suobo Leads African Youth Delegates To Make Case For "Niger Delta Climate Crisis" At The UN CYA Zone in New York.

African Climate Youth Council: Dr.Hephzibah Suobo A UN SDGs Optimist Leads UN African Youth Delegates to make a case for Niger Delta Climate Crisis At the UN Climate Youth  Action Zone in New York.  Manhattan United Nations Plaza, USA.

Dr.Hephzibah Suobo Leads African Youth Delegates To Make Case For "Niger Delta Climate Crisis"  At The UN CYA Zone in New York.

Dr.Hephzibah Suobo Leads African Youth Delegates To Make Case For "Niger Delta Climate Crisis"  At The UN CYA Zone in New York.

Representing Stevenson Holistic Care Foundation (SHFC)  as the Chief Administrative Officer,   a UN ECOSOC accredited NGO, Dr.Hephzibah Suobo was a UN delegate among 500 plus delegates from 140 countries that met with the  UN Secretary General at UN conference room to discuss about Climate Action on behalf of 193 UN member states .
The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres spoke very tenaciously and passionately about Nature'  brute response to lack of Climate compliance by member states . And the 16 year old Swedish global Climate activist Greta Tunberg reprimanded world leaders on the non compliance of the Paris Agreement.

Speaking to a German Journalist from Hamburg Dr. Hephzibah Shared the possible outcomes of the Climate Action and its significance to African Biosphere.

After the Day one of the UN Climate  SUMMIT , Dr. Hephzibah Suobo met with African youth delegates from Lesotho , Cameron, Benin Republic , Zimbabwe , Chad , Ethiopia , Guinea ,  South Africa , Kenya, Burundi and Morocco to propose the African Climate Youth Council; as a stepdown of the Danish climate initiative. " the nation of Denmark has successfully implemented nature based solutions in their country , so Africa must stimulate actionable climate proposals for our domestic national governments to Implement" he told the delegates.

Also interfacing with delegates from Chile, Scotland, Singapore ans Germany Dr. Hephzibah Suobo opined new pathways for global partnership for Nigerian inclusivity in SDGs 17 action areas.

Dr.Hephzibah Suobo was of the opinion that the UN Climate action did not have enough time to entertain all climate proposals and the only opportunity for Nigeria was used to present the desertification menace of the arid sub sahara and sahel region  and insecurty and poverty in Northern Nigeria. And the case for Niger Delta Climate Crisis caused by carbon emissions from fossil fuel industries was never mentioned.

Such non inclusions happens when there are no shared  experience within local constituencies and the narratives of climate crisis should not be one sided while making making national cases at the global frontiers.

Dr Hephzibah used another window to address the African Delegates to push for Niger Delta Climate Change through UNEPS and UN ECOSOC window.

"Nigeria is blessed and previleged  to have the President of United Nations General Assembly H.E Tijani Muhammed Bande and Mrs. Amina Mohamed as the UN UnderSecretary on African Affairs at this time. And also Fatimah Kyari Muhammed as the AU observer to United Nations" I will utilize this Windows to project the Niger Delta climate issues. Dr. Hephzibah Suobo said .

In a brief conversation with  an AIT reporter at the Nigerian House in Manhattan , NewYork  Dr. Hephzibah Suobo thanked  President Mohammadu Buhari GCFR for the executive fiat on the Ogoni Clean-up  exercise but however,  as  an afterthought  did not  mention it during his speech at the UNGA. Such high point would have given the President and the Nation a  loud ovation before the global climate audience . " I expected Mr. President to have raised the Niger Delta bioremediation  Issue abandoned by previous governments and how he had stepped in to intervene on Niger Delta climate crisis through the Ogoni Clean- up and bioremediation policy through a presidential executive fiat .

Dr. Hephzibah Suobo thanked the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for the courage to speak out and motivate the youths to take action on climate change and in response to his speech,  the African Climate Youth Council was conceived is an actionable step in response to UNSG mesage  at this 74th UNGA SDGs Summit and Climate Action Zone.

Dr. Hephzibah met with Teachers and Pupils of ZETA BRONX 1 ELEMENTARY in NewYork to bring the message of UN Secretary General and Greta Turnberg to the pupils. Joining the pupils on street march with slogan " Save Our Planet". The Operations Director of the School Juan Gormez thanked Dr Hephzibah Suobo for visiting the School and linking the UN high level week on Climate action to raising awareness for the pupils in Bronx.

In another development , the Chinese Youth in Action also presented Sourviners to Dr Hephzibah Suobo led by the President and Founder of ThinkOcean to join the shared goals of the UN Climate Summit.

Dr. Hephzibah Suobo also met with the Nigerian Consulate General Nigeria House in NewYork Ben B.M Okoyen  and briefed him about his activities in the UN. In response , the CG was very optimistic that such ambitious and enthusiastic moves by one individual will bring greater good to Nigeria  . At at Luncheon organized in Honour of President of UNGA H.E Tijani Muhammed Bande at the Indonesian Mission House In NewYork ,  Dr Hephzibah met with President of Team T54 International , Dr. Ggujie Daniel Chidubem   a   US based  Nigerian Climate activist and later made a presentation of a Book titled Business Performance Strategies in Nigerian Health Maintenance Organizations written by Dr. Daniel Onyetulem.

In another development , a Boston Massachusetts based Bayelsan Dr. Ebi Okara (Son of Pa Gabriel Okara ) also commended Dr. Hephzibah Suobo for taking the time to engage world leaders on behalf of Nigeria and Niger Delta. Bayelsans Should queue behind such ambience of generational impact. Dr Hephzibah was invited to a reception by the Okaras in  Boston.

Dr. Hephzibah Suobo also attended the USAfrica Summit held at New Yorker Hotel and met with H.E Arikana Chihombori -Qua African Union (AU) ambassador to United States to discuss on the benefits African Continental Free Trade Area ACfTA . Calling on  55 African countries to build one trade block that will compete favorably with other trading partners in the  free enterprise system. She urged WTO to take action to reduce the Balance of trade gap between Africa and her trading partners from big brother continents. " "African needs one currency market and  more exports than imports and crass reduction brain drain and capital flight" . She added.

 Dr. Hephzibah told Amb. Arikana at the USAfrica Summit it is time for Africa to review its Foreign Direct Investments FDI strategy and  framework and ensure the ACfTA agreement will be the only avenue for FDI inflows in geometric progression by revitalizing Bi-National Commission agreements and African Growth and Opportunity Act ( AGOA ).

Also meeting with Fred O. Oladeinde President of the Foundation For Democracy in Africa , Dr. Hephzibah proposed new partnership with US  Diaspora organizations to invest in Africa in line with the UN SDGs.

 In line with the UN SDGs goal 3 on Health and Welbeing ,  Dr Hephzibah met with Dr. Holly Shaw  special envoy,  UN DPI on NGO Relations/ Nightingale Initiative for Global Health/International Council of Nurses over the UN UHC dialogue  teatised on Global Coalition on Youth  Mental Health. And Dr.  Hephzibah said the issue of mental health is of serious concern for public policy and the National Policy on Health did not include mental health as a tenet.  Youths are  suffering from poor mental health leading to stress and psychological pressure and behavioral disorders,  zero anger management. He told the UN envoy and US National speakers on Mental health  that cultism, sucide and moral decadence and juvenile delinquency is increasing among youths and teenagers in alarming rate in Nigeria . It is caused by poverty, protracted unemployment  and poor mental health which policy makers dont see as a serious issue.

Dr. Hephzibah also thanked the Bayelsa Medical University and its Emeritus Vice Chancellor Prof. Ebitmitula Nicholas Etebu  for sending its PRO Marie Therese Teibowei to attend the UN side events in NewYork and Washington DC to draw partnership on Health Education with Columbia University NewYork in line with UN  Universal Health Coverage (UHC) at the UN SDGs Summit in NewYork. Bayelsa Medical University prospects for health education has been strategically alligned with UN SDGs goal 4. This feat is commendable by the Vice Chancellor. The Government of Bayelsa state should take the report of the summit to its executive decision table without delay.

Dr. Hephzibah also thanked the UNDP and  African Union (AU ) for staging a UN side event for universities at the African Union Forum on African Universities and Black Colleges in Diaspora. And this inclusivity in education development in Africa will help Africa to develop in line with UN SDG goal 4 on education for all.

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