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TACHA: A Force, A Movement, A Revolution - Nigeria's Sweet Heart, Queen Of Trends, All You Need To Know About Tacha's Stardom

Nigeria is currently battling and trying to absorb the resounding Relevance Of Big brother Naija's biggest export, Tacha, also known as Anita Natacha Ibinabo Akide (ANIA).
TACHA: A Force, A Movement, A Revolution - Nigeria's Sweet Heart, Queen Of Trends, All You Need To Know About Tacha's Stardorm

Ever since her sad disqualification from the Big Brother Naija house, Tacha and her Minions identified as The Supreme TITANS, have not rested a day, as they are so much in the business of utilizing the stones and hurdles thrown in their path to build Tacha's success.

We dwell in a society were her mistakes are worst than that of a man, simply because she is female - However, she remains Non-societal conformist. Regardless of how much she has rebranded, she remains a non conformist which is a good thing and a major contribution to the massive support and love she has from her growing fan base, it is the solemn fact that she stood differently, boldly and let her flaws known, Her strong will to rebrand that commanded peoples attention and Love, the Hate aswell.

Who Is Tacha?

Tacha is 23yrs Old Nigerian Woman, Although a Ghanaian by Maternal Bond, Strong, Bold, Black and All shades Of Blunt, Nigeria's currently most talked about Female, Ex-BBNaija housemate and last but not the least, A Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Of Everything Tacha.

How Tacha Became A Sensation - The Rise Of NaTacha Akide

Tacha AKA No Leave No Transfer! has been in the public eye for a long time before she got into the Big Brother House, Many Nigerians weren't expecting the razz Instagram Dancer become a Full-Blown Celebrity or should I say, "Nigeria's Most Celebrated Woman Under 25".
She Currently One of Nigeria's A-list Celebrities with a strong, massive and elastic fan base, her small hangout at FESTAC is just a tip of the iceberg.
Tacha started off as a Kinky Instagram dancer, half nudist, her regal beauty pulled the attention of Thousands, at that time there were more social hypocrites than fans on her page, it takes a strong sheath of thick skin to tolerate all the hate and inhuman treatments/move to bring her down.
Madam "No Leave No Transfer" rather than shut down/shut out of social media, cultivated the hate and made sure you used it in achieving all that she has now.

True Love came for Tacha from Nigerians and the diaspora much later, the Love she has from her Minions (Supreme Titans) now supersedes all the hate she received along the way, and every wait, every tears shed was worth the stardom she has.

Tacha's growth  and journey to stardom is a perfect definition of growth, from the razz Instagram dancer she used to be, to the most hated Bbnaija housemate and now the biggest celebrity reality star in Nigeria.

A perfect definition of of resilience is what Tacha used to crown her self all along, she is still growing and the nearest future are not ready yet.

Tacha is a 21st century woman with "positive" qualities that should be imitated by the teeming Nigerian youths...

Tacha will now and always remain a FORCE, a MOVEMENT, and a sublime REVOLUTION of What Nigeria Youths should strive to represent and that is "resilience" above all else.

By Reality Joel

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